Top 7 Places To Visit In Goa | Beach | Fort | Scuba Diving

Planning For Goa Trip, before starting a trip want to know about Beaches in Goa, Fort Aguada, Deltin Royale Casino and many more exciting things, then by this article you get to know about Goa and their Beautiful places which makes your trip so much memory.

So read this article and surprise yourself with 7 exciting places where you must visit, and don’t forget to take a camera for more selfie.

1)     Calangute Beach

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Calangute Beach is one of the most popular beaches in Goa among Domestic and International Tourist. Here a number of people are along and consider as busiest beach in Goa during a peak season. The sea view is amazing from the beach and here you also get restaurants, shacks, clubs, and shopping outlets. And here you can also enjoy sports water. Those who visit Goa once they will visit Calangute beach because of popularity, and it is called a “Queen of beach”


2)    Deltin Royale Casino

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Deltin Royale Casino is one of the largest casinos in a boat in Panjim, Goa. I offer you 24 hours of nonstop fun in an area, Fully luxury live to the game on three levels with 850 gaming positions, Live entertainment also on during Peak Hours. You just need to buy entry and play package to gain access to the casino. If you are travelling during National Holidays, then I must inform you that the casino is closed during National Holidays.

3)    Chapora Fort


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For the photo lover, this is the best place to capture the memory, it is located in the mouth of Chopra river like an old guard. You get some sensational views from the top of the fort.

4)    Dudh Sagar Falls

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Dudhsagar Falls is a 4 tiered falls and 4th Largest waterfall in India and located in 46km from Madgaon. A view of the waterfall become more eye-catching which you never forget, there is a railway bridge which passes right in front of the waterfall and passenger train passing through the fall, the best part is there is become slower for the mesmerizing view but the bad part is there is no station or stops top capture the view.


5)    Mollem National Park

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The Mollem National Park is located in western ghats, spread over 240 sq km, here you get to see a  number of species of wild cats, in a large number of birds variety, several species of snake, and also about A wide range of butterflies.



6)    Tito’s Goa

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Goa is always known for their nightlife and Tito’s is one of the best nightclubs in Goa, it is also the first discotheques of Goa. Located on the main road, towards bagha beach, if you visit here you get 2 levels of Dancing Level1 or level 2 is from where you can sit and watch, Here Saturday night is so much fantastic music, dance, lights each and everything is perfect.


7)    Scuba Diving in Goa

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Goa is the place which offers you scuba diving. It really an amazing experience which you never forget. Goa is the place where you explore a lot and it is a very good destination for the beginners to get the experience of the underwater world. Colourful corals, Fishes, spectacular shells and other things which will definitely amaze you.


So, these are the same places which will definitely increase your excitement about Goa, If you are not planning yet for Goa trip, then what are waiting for pack your bag and go for Goa and get the unexpected experience.

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