Visiting India On A Business Trip? Consider Taking Out Time To Explore Her Culture And Beauty

  1. Hike likely to be seen in the number of businessmen coming to India
    With the latest news coming in that India has jumped up by 23 positions to rank 77 in the World Bank’s ‘Ease Of Doing Business’ ranking, it is but obvious that that the number of entrepreneurs and businessmen from around the globe that are likely to visit India on business trips is going to increase manifold.
  2. Life’s not all business, leisure and recreation are equally important
    However, not many businessmen who visit India on business trips do fully utilize their days of stay in India for exploring this beautiful nation. This is so partly because of their busy schedules and the rest owing to the lack of knowledge on their part regarding some of the best places to be visited in and around cities like Delhi or Mumbai. If you have a business trip scheduled to India, it is worth considering modifying your itinerary to include some days of leisure and recreation. Doing so will give you an opportunity to explore the lifestyle, cultures and traditions of many renowned places of tourist attraction in India.
  3. A good travel agency could help ease your travel
    Considering the vastness of the Indian subcontinent and the hassles one would have to undergo to reach different places that are representative of India’s culture and tradition, it would be a prudent step to avail the services of a renowned and well-established India travel agency that stands amongst the top travel agents in India.
  4. Explore Northern India with Luxury India Trip, the best India tour agency
    Probably the best luxury travel agency in India, Luxury India Trip offers you the most comprehensive North India tour packages which are the best to be considered if you are visiting Delhi for your business trip. Considering the fact that North India is the perfect amalgam of a rich cultural heritage and copious natural beauty, Luxury India Trip offers a number of customized tour packages within North India so that those who have a penchant for exploring India’s culture may get to visit such places, while those interested in witnessing the beauty that Mother Nature has bequeathed upon India may have exactly such places in their itinerary.

    • The Golden Triangle
      Talking of the places of tourist attraction in Northern India, the Golden Triangle deserves mention. It is a tourist circuit connecting Delhi, Agra and Jaipur. It has been named so because of the triangular shape that it forms on the map. The Golden Triangle India tour package offered by Luxury India Trip accords you a golden chance to delve into everything that Delhi, Agra and Jaipur have to offer. While Delhi, besides being the capital of India, is also renowned for a number of historical monuments, Agra and Jaipur, on the other hand provide a glimpse into the glorious past of India. The Taj Mahal, a symbol of eternal love,
      stands tall and majestic on the soil of Agra and reminds us of the architectural skills and proficiency of the Mughals. Besides, the Agra Fort, Fatehpur Sikri, Akbar’s tomb, Jama Masjid and Mehtab Bagh are the places worth visiting in Agra. Pink City, Jaipur, houses a number of Mughal-era monuments of the likes of Amer Fort, Hawa Mahal, City Palace, Jantar Mantar etc. Also, it is credited as being the first planned city of India. All in all, covering these three places means that you will get to witness thoroughly the grandeur of India’s past. If you happen to be the kind of person who does not rush through things but
      rather likes to finish one task at a time, you can consider visiting either just Agra or just Jaipur from Delhi during one business trip. For that, you may consider Luxury India Trip’s Delhi to Agra tour packages or Delhi to Jaipur tour packages.
    • Rajasthan; The Land Of Maharajas
      Set amidst a rugged yet inviting landscape, Rajasthan is perhaps one of the richest cultural heritage states of India and that is the sole factor which entices tourists not just from India but from all over the globe to this beautiful place. Rajasthan is a vibrant fusion of colossal forts, impressive palaces, diverse cultures, delectable cuisines and warm people. The state of Rajasthan carries a rich legacy of the Maharajas of the princely states of India. A number of forts blossom on the soil of Rajasthan. These forts are an insignia of the magnificence of the times when different parts of India were ruled by Kings. For people visiting India from other countries, Rajasthan presents forth an opportunity to delve into the royal ancient past of India. For all those entrepreneurs visiting India who have an eye for Indian history,
      Luxury India Trip offers luxury Rajasthan tour packages that are designed to cover all major cities of Rajasthan which means that along with the taste of Indian history, you also get the chance to explore the traditions, cuisines and culture of this cosmopolitan state.
      A brief regarding what all to expect from the state of Rajasthan will surely help
      you get an insight into the diversity of this exotic state. For those who are attracted towards old havelis and mosques, Tonk is the place to visit. Karauli is famous for red sandstone. Hanumangarh is for those who want to witness history come alive. If you are more into textiles and stuff, even then, Rajasthan won’t be a disappointment for you. The ‘city of textiles and looms’, Bhilwara is an absolute favourite of people with an aesthetic appreciation for fabric and cloth. Baran, the land of wooded hills and valleys, is a must-visit for everyone. The list of places to be visited in Rajasthan doesn’t seem to come to an end.
      From Pushkar, Kota and Udaipur to Bharatpur and Nagaur; make sure you do not miss visiting any of these places.
  5. South India; Nature, culture, tradition, temples......
    South India is that part of India which has been thoroughly endowed with natural beauty. Hills, beaches, backwaters, wildlife and waterfalls; nature has copiously and generously beautified this serene and exquisite tourist destination. Not just nature, man, too, has made his share of contribution in beautifying this place. Forts, museums, palaces, monuments and pilgrimage centres together make South India the number one tourist destination. The luxury South India tour packages offered by Luxury India Trip include almost everything that
    South India has to offer.
    Kerala; The land of Gods In the southern part of India, Kerala attracts the maximum number of tourists from around the globe. The backwaters and the boat houses of Kerala are the
    centre-point of attraction for tourists from any corner of the world. Known as the “Land of Gods” and rightly so, Kerala is home to the 360 year old Shri Padmanabhaswamy Temple which is situated in the heart of Thiruvananthapuram and is the grandest of the very many temples that are present on the pious soil of Kerala. Legend has it that it is the richest temple in India. The period between November to February is considered the most ideal
    time to visit Kerala. Once in Kerala, do not afford to miss the variety of energetic dance forms that truly display the richness of the cultural heritage of this exotic place. Last but not least, the term ‘rejuvenating’ truly comes to life with the ayurveda massages and treatments available in Kerala. Keeping in mind all these aspects, the luxury Kerala tour packages have been so designed by Luxury India Trip that they include Kerala boat house packages as well as Kerala backwaters tour packages. Besides, Kerala is also one of the best honeymoon destinations in India and is the favourite of so many couples
    from around the globe. For all those newly-wed couples who are planning to honeymoon in India, Kerala is a must-visit place and only those luxury honeymoon packages in India are worth considering which include a visit to Kerala also.
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